Wouldn’t it be great to remember everything about your clients?

A sales CRM designed to get your team organized and stay organized.

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The Ultimate Sales Tool

Turn one contact into a million opportunities. Track your contacts and organizations for repeat business. Create Leads and convert them to opportunities, along with their closing probabilities and dollar amounts. Share the details with other team members all in an easy to use Mobile friendly format.

A better way to manage your tasks

Open and assign tasks, events and calls. Customize your fields and statuses. Get in-dash and email reminders of your important to-dos. Automate calls and emails based on website signup forms and more. Integrate with popular email marketing services like Benchmarkemail, MailChimp, Constant Contact and more for automated list syncronizing.

Email is what we do best.

Inboxes For Every Team Member

Create and send formatted emails right from the CRM. Contact and lead replies come right back to you in the CRM. Answer your replies from your own email inbox, it’s all tracked in the CRM. Also, import and synchronize lists from popular email marketing services like: Benchmarkemail, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Icontact, Campaign Monitor.

Enhanced email marketing integration

All of your campaign data from your Benchmark Email marketing account flows into your CRM. Synchronize lists on Benchmark Email so that they automatically update with new information in your CRM for quick action.

Automate, Automate, Automate

Run the gamut in automation from creating lead, contact and support ticket capture forms to email notifications, record assignments, task creation and data updates.

Reports that help you manage

Very simple and powerful report builder allowing you to build summary and detailed reports allowing, you to spot growth opportunities. Virtually no limit to what you can create. Save your reports for repeat use and share them with your colleagues. Exportable as PDF, CSV or Excel files.

Enterprise-Level Data Permissions

Share data with all users or customize permissions using roles, sharing rules, groups, profiles and field level security.

Your Support Center Solution

Offer zen-like support with true support tickets. Solve tickets faster with outbound messages, incoming replies, and internal notes all in the same message thread. Very simple basic interface for managing your support needs.