Spam Free Zone

Benchmark CRM takes spam very seriously. If we didn’t, our customers wouldn’t get the great delivery rates we provide. But there’s a lot that goes into building an anti-spam company. Here’s what we do on our end to fight the battle against spam:

  • We work closely with email and Internet service providers. Keeping the lines of communication open is great for both sides.
  • We follow our own set of good email marketing practices. We’ve spent years creating a list of guidelines and we work all the time to make them even better.
  • We investigate every complaint. If one of our customers gets a spam complaint, we investigate it quickly and thoroughly.
  • We do not take on customers that buy, rent or scrape up lists. All our customers use organic opt-in email lists. This keeps delivery rates high for everyone.
  • If a customer is caught spamming, their account is immediately terminated. If you’re thinking of sending non opt-in email on our watch, you have been warned.
  • We use Return Path technology and expertise to improve our delivery rates. This means we work vigorously with one of the top companies to constantly get your emails into the inbox.
  • We are fully CAN-SPAM compliant. We follow federal guidelines to the “T”, as to all our customers.

If you believe you have been spammed, or abused by emails coming from our network, please forward the email to, with any notes. Thanks.