View Email Marketing Opens and Clicks from Benchmark Email


Sarah owns an equipment leasing company. She handles all the email marketing for her company via her Benchmark Email account.

Her salesperson, John, is in charge of periodically calling their bigger clients to drum up new business. She’d like John to have access to the Benchmark CRM, but not the Benchmark Email account.

Before John call his clients, he needs to know what email marketing campaigns a client was sent, has opened and what links they’ve clicked on so he can have targeted conversations about the clients needs.


As long as Sarah is the owner of the CRM account, she can integrate any Benchmark Email account in her user profile in the CRM. Her CRM sub-users don’t have to be integrated themselves in order to read email marketing data in the CRM for contacts and leads. 


  1. Copy your Benchmark Email API key from your Benchmark Email account
  2. Paste the API key in your CRM user profile 

Daily workflow:

Whenever working on a contact or lead, you can click the email marketing tab to see his/her opens and clicks for any sent Benchmark Email campaigns.

1. Copy your Benchmark Email API key from Benchmark Email

In Benchmark Email

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the User Menu
  3. Click on Integrations
  4. Click on API Key
  5. Copy your API key 

2. Paste your Benchmark Email API key into your CRM user profile

In Benchmark CRM

  1. in the header, click on user menu
  2. click on settings
  3. click on Users in Users & Permissions section
  4. on the Users Dashboard, find your name and click the arrow to open the user options
  5. click on view user
  6. click on on EDIT next to Integrations
  7. in the popup, enter any note/name to help identify the benchmark email account
  8. enter or paste your Benchmark Email API Key
  9. test that the key is valid
  10. save

As the CRM account owner, this will integrate your Benchmark Email account for you (so you can push CRM leads and contacts to Benchmark Email lists) and you and your CRM sub-users can view opens and clicks for the integrated account.

View Benchmark Email Marketing Campaign Data on CRM Contacts and Leads

  1. from home, search or dashboard, click on any contact or lead
  2. scroll to bottom of the page
  3. click on email marketing tab
  4. view email marketing campaign sends, opens and clicks that have occurred in the last 90 days

Creating new users

Any new users will automatically be able to view Benchmark Email opens and clicks, just like you. Let’s walk through creating a CRM sub-user

  1. click on user menu
  2. click on settings
  3. click on Users in Users & Permissions section
  4. on the Users Dashboard click ADD USER
  5. on the New User page, enter the CRM sub-user’s details.
  6. choose the appropriate role and permission profile for the new user
  7. click save