Import contacts & related organizations from a single spreadsheet


Ben has a single spreadsheet containing his company’s contacts. There’s a row that contains the contact’s company name. He’d like to import the contacts and simultaneously create their related organization (company) records.


Import Contacts using the Create and/or Relate Organization Records option. During the create contact import process will find any organization records with matching names. If a match is found, the new contact will be related to the existing organization record. If no match is found, then a new organization record will be created and related to the incoming contact record.

Import Contacts CSV/XLS

  • Click the left navigation button
  • Click on contacts
  • On the Contacts Dashboard, click the the Add+ button
  • In the dropdown, click the Import Contacts button
  • On the Import Contacts page, upload or drag/drop in your Contacts csv/xls
  • Important: under the Create related Organization records option, check “Yes-my CSV has a column of organization names.”
  • Fill in any other needed options
  • Click Next
  • On the map fields step, match the columns needed from your CSV to existing CRM contact field names. Don’t forget to map your company names to the “Organizations” field for your CRM contacts.
  • Click Next
  • The CRM will tell which fields in your CSV/XLS remain unmapped. If all looks fine, click the Confirm button.
  • The CRM will now create your contacts. If a matching name for the new contact’s organization name is found, the new contact will be related to it. If there is no matching name for the contact’s Organization name already, then the CRM will create a new Organization record and relate it to your new contact.