Update your CRM records via CSV


Tino has many CRM organization records that have either very little data or they have outdated field information. He has a new spreadsheet (CSV or XLS) with the latest information he’d like updated to his CRM organization records.


Import the organization records CSV/XLS, but use the UPDATE option. Map only the fields you want updated. The import process will find any organization records with matching names. If a match is found, the mapped fields will overwrite the existing organization records with the values from the imported CSV/XLS file.

This solution works for updating contacts, leads and opportunities, too.

Step 1: Import organizations CSV/XLS

  • Click the left navigation button
  • Click on organizations
  • On the Organizations Dashboard, click the the Add+ button
  • In the dropdown, click the Import Organizations button
  • On the Import Organizations page, upload or drag/drop in your Organizations csv/xls
  • Fill in any other needed options and click Next
  • Important: On the “In case of duplicate records: option, select “Overwrite.”
  • On the map fields step, match the columns needed from your CSV to existing CRM organization field names that you want to update.
  • Click Next
  • The CRM will tell which fields in your CSV/XLS remain unmapped. If all looks fine, click the Confirm button.

Step 2: Verify your new organization import is complete

  • On the header, click the user menu icon
  • Click on Settings
  • On the Settings page, find the Data Administration box
  • Click on Import History
  • Find the name of the file you used for importing organizations in step 1 above. If the status is completed check to see the number of organizations were “updated.”