Keeping the whole email conversation in the CRM


Tri-State Pumpworks has a salesteam of four dedicated individuals. Though they work as a team on each sale, any of the four could pickup the phone for an incoming lead. Once emails start getting sent back and forth between salesperson and lead (or contact), the valuable sales conversations are lost within the individual outlook/gmail/macmail inboxes of each salesperson.

Recently, the team adopted a CRM so that outgoing emails can be tracked from the CRM, but again, the replies from the leads and contacts are lost within the personal individual inboxes of each salesperson. The team tries to remember to copy and paste their notes from their gmail/outlook/macmail inboxes, but they usually are too busy to do so. The result? If another salesperson picks up the lead or contact to continue the sale, they are missing out on valuable customer communication that could help close that sale, and the salesperson looks like they don’t really know the lead or contact well, asking the person to repeat information that was already sent to the other salesperson.


Benchmark CRM not only makes it easy to start email from the CRM, but all the replies from contacts and leads come right back to the CRM in an easy-to-read thread attached to the contact or lead record.

CRM users can reply to the replies from the CRM, and because the replies go to the CRM users’ personal email inboxes, they can reply from there as well. The whole conversation gets tracked in the CRM for later reference.

Create an Email from Any Page in the CRM

Use the right nav bar’s CREATE EMAIL button to get to the email composer in one click

  1. Find the RIGHT NAV button in the header and click it. It’s the button with three dots on it on the rightmost side at the top of any CRM page.
  2. The RIGHT NAV MENU will open.
  3. Click the CREATE EMAIL button.
  4. The EMAIL COMPOSER will open on the EMAIL DASHBOARD.
  5. Use the + button in the TO field to find your contact or lead. 
  6. Or you can also just start typing the contact or lead’s email address or name in the to field. The CRM system will autosuggest potential matches for you. Click on the matching suggestion. You can also use this to create a new contact on the fly while making your email.
  7. Type your message and click the SEND button.

Or Create an Email While on a Contact or Lead Record

You can send email to your contact or lead while on its record page. Just scroll down to the messages tab to get started.

  1. From any contact or lead, scroll down to the MESSAGES TAB and click it.
  2. Click the COMPOSE button.
  3. Fill out a subject line.
  4. Write your message (or load a template).
  5. Click SEND.

Your new email conversation has been created and sent. Replies will come back to this thread, which you can see on your email dashboard and this record. You’ll also get the replies right to the email address you signed up with.

Checking Contact/Lead Replies while Logged in to the CRM

You can see email replies the moment they happen, from any page in the CRM. If you see a number in the messages icon, it means there are some incoming replies since the last time you’ve checked it.

  1. Find the MESSAGE NOTIFICATION icon in the CRM header.
  2. Click it.
  3. The incoming replies popup will appear.
  4. Click on the message you’d like to view.
  5. The EMAIL THREAD will open.
  6. Read and reply.

View and Reply to CRM Email replies from your Personal Email Account

Wherever you check your work email, that’s where your CRM replies will be, too!

When you send a CRM email to your contact or lead, their replies also come to the email address you used to sign up with. You can view and reply to those email replies without having to log in to your CRM account.

  2. Locate the incoming reply and READ it.
  3. ANSWER just as you would any other email.

As you’d expect, the reply will go to your contact or lead immediately. But the reply will also go back to the CRM so we can add it to your existing contact or lead conversation.