Track sales team’s daily efforts on CRM


Frank is a business owner who is interested in seeing the daily work done on CRM for his company.

  • He wants to know what activities (tasks, events, calls) were completed.
  • He’d like to see a daily report of calls made.
  • He’d like to see a breakdown of the meetings (events) and tasks grouped by each salesperson.
  • He’d like quick access to these reports.


  • Use the Audit Log to check user CRM actions chronologically
  • Use Reports for targeted information
    • Default Reports show snapshots of the most common CRM activities
    • Custom reports can be created by any criteria you choose
    • Put any summary report on your homepage so it’s the first thing you see when you login

View Audit Log

  • click on the header user dropdown
  • click on settings
  • click on Audit Log under Personal Settings
  • view the audit log by person or all

Default Reports

  • click on the Left Navigation Bar
  • click on Reports
  • click on Activity Reports
  • click on Today’s Calls

Make a custom report

  • click on the Right Navigation Menu
  • click on Create Report
  • fill in a Name
  • select Activites
  • select Summary Report
  • select these fields
    • subject
    • owner ID
    • status
  • add this as criteria
    • status = ‘completed’
  • group by: owner ID
  • click Run Report

Add reports to home page

  • click on the Left Navigation Bar
  • click on Home
  • click on ADD Report
  • click on any folder that contains a report
    • only summary reports with graphs are available
  • click on the name of report to add the report graph to your homepage