Use Automations to Create Follow Up Tasks for your Sales Team


The sales team at ACE Tickets is really good about creating and importing leads into the CRM. Following up on all these leads is another story: there isn’t an organized system in place for following up on the leads once created.



The CRM account owner/admin sets up an automation that creates follow up tasks whenever a salesperson creates a lead.

Sales Team:

Everyday the sale team logs in and goes to the activity dashboard. There are views to see today’s tasks, overdue tasks and even upcoming tasks. As the salesperson calls or emails the lead, they mark the task as complete.

Set up an Automation that contains an Auto Task

You can create automations to trigger when records are created, edited or even when fields are updated. If you want to get really fancy, you can add conditions so that the automation only executes when the state = California, the last name starts with “S” or any other data.

We’ll keep it pretty simple here: we’ll create an automation that creates a task anytime a lead is created.

Create an Auto Task

  • Click the user menu in the header
  • Click Settings
  • On the settings page, click on Auto Tasks in the Automations sections
  • Click Create Auto Task
    • Choose the record type, in this case: Leads
    • Choose the due date (as N days from automation trigger)
    • Choose if task owner is the same as the Lead owner or designate a specific user
    • Choose if the task should be created instantly or time delayed

Create an Automation & place the Auto Task in it 

  • Click Automations
  • Click Create New Automation
    • Give the automation a name
    • Choose the record type (module) for this automation
    • Set the trigger type
    • Set conditions if any are needed
    • Place your Auto Task in the Automation
    • Click Save

Your Automation is live!

Let’s Test Your Automation

Now anytime anyone on your team creates a lead, the CRM will automatically create a Task related to the Lead called “Lead Follow Up.”

Tasks, Events and Calls are all types of Activities records, so you’ll find them under the Lead’s related Activities tab on your lead record page.

As long as your Automation is active, new leads will result in new tasks, too.

Work your Views

Because your tasks have due dates, you can use the various Views on the Activities Dashboard to quickly know what needs to be worked on today. 

Some of the useful default views based on Due Date: 

  • Today
  • Overdue
  • Today + Overdue
  • Tomorrow
  • Next 7 Days