Organize Contacts by Job Title and Organization


Mark is a salesperson whose customers can be district administrators, school site administrators, school librarians and aides, and classroom teachers. He needs to be able to categorize them in the CRM so that he can quickly find contacts based on similarities.


There are few ways to address this, but the very best way is to organize ahead of time.  We’ll even walk through creating a custom field so that you can see how easy it is to organize your contacts by any data that’s personal to your business. If you don’t need a custom field, then just skip to the second step.

  • Setup:
    • Create a custom field for job title and make it active
  • Daily Workflow:
    • When creating new contacts: enter in job title data and use the Organization lookup field
    • Create contact views to filter a set of records that match the segment you want to work
    • Click on an Organization to see its related contacts

Create a custom field and make it active

Creating a custom field for “job title”

  • click on the User Menu in the header
  • click on Settings
  • on the Settings page, click on Customization/Fields
  • click on Create Custom Field
  • choose your field type and name it
  • click Save

Making the new field active

  • click on Customization/Layouts
  • click on Contacts
  • move your new custom field from the “inactive” box to “contacts”
  • click Save


Further FAQs


Use your custom field and the related organization field when creating contacts

Using custom fields

Whenever you’re creating a new contact, your custom field will be there for you and your fellow CRM users. It’s just like any other field, so just type in your info.

Use the Organization field

You can use the organization field (on contacts) to create relationships between contact and organization records.

While creating a new records, you can either use the organization lookup button to select from a list of existing organization records, or you can just start typing in the field. The CRM will either suggest matching organization records or prompt you to create a new one.

  • Type the new organization name
  • Click on create new organization record
  • In the dropdown, enter the organization details
  • Click Save and your new organization is created
  • Finish entering the contact details and click Save for the contact

Create contact views to filter a set of records that match the segment you want to work

Creating a custom view

  • Go to contacts dashboard
  • Click views to open views menu
  • Click Create View
  • Choose the columns you want to see
  • Add Meets All or Meets Any Conditions to filter your contacts
  • Click Save

Further FAQs:

Click an organization record to see its related contacts

  • Search for your organization or click it from the Organizations Dashboard
  • On the Organization Record Detail page, scroll down to the Related Tabs
  • Click on the Contacts tab
  • Now you’ll see a list of contacts that are directly related to this organization