Customer Relationship Management for Sales Teams, Support Teams and Marketers

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Contact Management

Are your customers currently reduced to a row number in a spreadsheet? Ditch those spreadsheets and give every contact a dedicated page where you can see, plan and build a true customer relationship.

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Lead Management

Your leads need to be more than a name, number and/or email address. Give them the respect they deserve with a dedicated webpage for information, notes, tasks and your full email conversations. With a single click, your lead converts to a full contact, complete with all their important info and interactions.

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Organize Your Sales Opportunities

Deals that might happen. Deals about to happen. Deals that just happened. Deals that didn’t happen. Deals that got lost in shuffle because your team doesn’t have an organized way to track and close them. If that’s you, let’s get you a more organized tool for managing your sales opportunities.

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Your Benchmark CRM account comes with an integrated Benchmark Email Marketing account (free for up to 2K contacts).  Push CRM views to Benchmark Email for mass email campaigns. Get email marketing engagement data right on your CRM contacts and leads. Sync Email Marketing lists to Benchmark CRM and vice versa. 

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