Chrome Extension: Benchmark CRM for Gmail

If you’re already using Gmail for your business, it’s time to elevate your game from messages and replies to real customer relationship management… without leaving Gmail.

Benchmark CRM for Gmail is a Chrome plug-in extension that delivers all of the benefits of powerful contact management, right in your Gmail inbox.

What You Can Do with Benchmark CRM for Gmail:

• See if a contact already exists in your CRM database just by clicking on an email address in your inbox

• Quickly and easily create new CRM leads or contacts from incoming or outgoing Gmail messages

• Important contact relationship correspondence always gets BCC’d  into your CRM. Compose and reply like you already do. The gmail plug-in makes sure a copies gets to the right CRM record. Bonus: it can even create new contacts or leads for you so you don’t have to.

• Important CRM field data is shown to you while you’re typing an email in Gmail

• In addition to the ability to quick add a person to your CRM as a contact or lead, if they’re not already there, you can also quickly add notes for their CRM record

• One click opens the full CRM record in your browser if and when you need to.

Get the plug-in in the Chrome Webstore here.