Contact Management

Are your customers currently reduced to a row number in a spreadsheet? Ditch those spreadsheets and give every contact a dedicated page where you can see, plan and build a true customer relationship.


See the whole contact relationship on a single webpage.


In the Benchmark CRM, each contact has its own dedicated webpage where you get a 360 degree view of your relationship.

  • field data
  • notes
  • email conversations
  • open activities (calls, events, tasks)
  • closed activities (calls, events, tasks)
  • potential sales opportunities
  • support tickets
  • email marketing opens and clicks

It’s in the cloud: safe, dependable, searchable and actionable by your team. 


From your contact: create tasks, log calls, track sales and handle support tickets.

Information is great, but if you’re going to win new business, you’ve got to get to work. Right from the contact, you can create linked sales opportunities, support tickets, notes, activities (calls, events, tasks) and new email conversations. These new related records become the daily todos for your sales and support teams.


Mass import your existing customers as contacts.

Import your contacts to the CRM via CSV or XLS and your world changes fast.  You can map your incoming CSV/XLS columns to the CRM default fields or to custom fields you can quickly set up ahead of time. 
Optionally automatically create follow tasks.

During the import, you can create follow up tasks (auto tasks) automatically. The due dates of the follow up can be based around the the import time (example: date created + 7 days), or can be based around a custom date field (birthday, date of purchase, etc.)



Organize your contact dashboard by views

The contact dashboard shows all your contacts in a list view, similar to a spreadsheet. But unlike a spreadsheet, you can create and easily recall views: you choose the columns, you choose the filter criteria, and a smaller workable subset of your contacts will be displayed.


Aquire New Contacts… Quickly!

The Benchmark CRM has several excellent tools to help you grab new business contacts.

  • In-App Create Forms – There’s a dedicated create page for contacts that has all your fields, or you can use the quick create form. 
  • HTML Signup Forms – Use our contact signup form creator to assemble HTML code that you can paste on a landing page of your company’s website.
  • API Sync from Benchmark Email – If you’ve got a Benchmark Email account (our email marketing software), you can connect to any list there and new contacts or changes to existing ones will update in the CRM. This means you can use all your existing Benchmark Email integrations and signup forms to populate new contacts in the CRM.
  • Create Contacts on the Fly while Emailing – Using our CRM’s email editor, you don’t have to stop to create your contact first. Just type an email address and the CRM will know if you’ve already got a relationship or should quickly create new one. 
  • API Sync from other SAAS Subscriptions – Got Mailchimp, iContact, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Google Contacts (Gmail) and/or Google Forms? No problem! API sync integrates with those services, too, to help you create and update your CRM contacts automatically.
  • API for Developers – If you’ve got a web dev team and a robust stream of contacts in your company’s external database, turn them on to the Benchmark CRM API where they’ll see how to automate the pushing of new contacts from your db to the CRM.