Professional Email Marketing Included

Your Benchmark CRM account comes with an integrated Benchmark Email Marketing account (free for up to 2K contacts).  Push CRM views to Benchmark Email for mass email campaigns. Get email marketing engagement data right on your CRM contacts and leads. Sync Email Marketing lists to Benchmark CRM and vice versa. 

Create Email Marketing Lists while in Benchmark CRM

Benchmark CRM gives you the power to filter a view of contacts or leads by any combination of field data and tags, then push the view directly into Benchmark Email, where you can create and send professional email marketing campaigns.

Want to see all your leads in Los Angeles? Done. Need to see all your contacts created in November? Done. Create your view and click the Create Email Marketing List button. In a few clicks, your new email list is waiting for you in Benchmark Email – our industry-leading email marketing tool – where all your sophisticated email marketing templates are waiting for your next big campaign.


Read Email Marketing Opens and Clicks

Before you next engage with your CRM contact or lead, click on the his/her email marketing tab to see what the names of the email marketing campaigns you’ve sent, which ones were opened and which ones were clicked. You can even open and read the email marketing piece right from the contact/lead.


Sync CRM and Email Marketing Lists

Do you have signup forms already established for your Benchmark Email account? Use those to populate new CRM leads and contacts! With our CRM API Sync feature, you can select lists in Benchmark Email (and other SAAS applications, too) and existing contacts will populate your CRM account. Any new additions to the list come in as contacts or leads. Less work for you. More leads for you. More potential sales for you.