Lead Management

Your leads need to be more than a name, number and/or email address. Give them the respect they deserve with a dedicated webpage for information, notes, tasks and your full email conversations. With a single click, your lead converts to a full contact, complete with all their important info and interactions.

CRM Leads are Informative, Actionable and Shareable

No more wasting time trying to remember what you and a lead talked about a few days beforehand. Each lead has its own record homepage where you can see important baseline information like who they are, where they work, and how to get ahold of them. Optional custom fields help you get the information your sales team needs to close deals. Notes and tags help you to jot down all the information that doesn’t fit neatly in categories.

And because it might take several interactions to get that lead into a qualified sales opportunity, you and your team can quickly create follow tasks, schedule events and log calls. These related activities are their own records, assignable to you or any other user.

When it’s time to contact the lead again,  anyone who picks up a lead can see what engagements have happened to help close this lead. Leadership can create reports to see the sum total of calls, events and tasks that have occurred.


Convert Leads to Contacts, Organizations and Opportunities

At the top of each lead record is a big CONVERT button.  Click that to turn your lead into a contact with a new related sales opportunity. Or if your business is B2B, make sure you’ve filled the Organization name in your lead before converting. The CONVERT button recognizes that so that you create a contact, an organization record for the contact, and a new sales opportunity related to the organization instead.


Lead Signup Forms

Use the included lead form generator let your company website do the lead capturing for you. Choose your fields, grab the generated code, and set it on a landing page on your site. Visitors to the page enter in their details and a new lead record is instantly created in your CRM account. You can set up assignment rules to distribute the leads evenly among a group of sales users or assign by specific criteria you set up.

You can set up automations so that any new leads automatically create follow up tasks and welcome email journeys. This fully automates the engagement cycle so that lead creation and follow up emails are done by the CRM. Your sales team saves valuable time by choosing to follow up only on highly engaged leads.


Mass Import Leads

Got your leads on CSV or XLS? Perfect! Just import them from the leads dashboard. You can map your incoming CSV/XLS columns to the CRM default fields or to custom fields you can quickly set up ahead of time. During the import, you can even optionally create follow up tasks for each new lead record.


API Sync from Benchmark Email

If you’ve got a Benchmark Email account (our email marketing software), you can connect to any list there and new contacts or changes to existing ones will update in the CRM. Any Benchmark Email integration or signup form that builds your Email Marketing list will simultaneously populate leads in your CRM.