Organize Your Sales Opportunities

Deals that might happen. Deals about to happen. Deals that just happened. Deals that didn’t happen. Deals that got lost in shuffle because your team doesn’t have an organized way to track and close them. If that’s you, let’s get you a more organized tool for managing your sales opportunities.

The Proven Process
  • Create opportunity records quickly with defined due dates
  • Assign them to an owner to work and close
  • Track the opportunity as it moves through important milestones
  • Close, rinse, repeat.

Benchmark CRM gets your team creating, working, tracking and closing deals faster and better than a short pencil, long memory or infinite spreadsheet.

Create Opportunity Records for Potential Sales

In Benchmark CRM, your team gets a quick form to create new sales opportunities. Each sales opportunity is a separate, important, trackable record that has a name, an amount, a milestone/stage, a due date and is related to a contact or organization.  

Create Follow Up Activities for the Opportunity

Any team member can create follow up tasks right on the opportunity record, assignable to the opportunity owner or other CRM users. These calls, tasks and events are the specific todos that give your team the granularity needed to win the sale. You can see the todos right on the opportunity itself, or create views on the Activities dashboard to see what activities need to happen today across the board for all opportunities. You can even prepare automations that create and assign a templated sequence of tasks automatically whenever a new opportunity is created.

Reports and Graphs give Managers the Overview

Need to see what might be closing this month? What has closed this month? Need to see the opportunities in a pipeline by stage and/or probability? Use the powerful CRM reports to see your sales team’s potential and performance. Custom reports and criteria let you filter to hone in on specific data sets.