Sales & Support Reports

What’s all this data good for if you’re not doing anything with it? Get an instant overview of your earned and potential revenue, support ticket handling and all the activities logged by your teams. View the data in summary or with granularity. Or just get a quick take with informative, colorful graphs.

The Benchmark CRM comes stocked with useful default reports. Run them as is or quickly customize them to filter the data you need to see.

Sales Reports

You’re a business owner, CEO or sales manager. Maybe you’re all three. You should know these things daily: What sales are expected to close today? What sales opportunities are in the pipeline? What stage are they at and how likely are they to close? Which sales people are your highest performers and who needs help?

The Benchmark CRM has these sales reports created for you, waiting in the  Run them from the reports section. You’re going to close more deals because you can quickly see which opportunities are likely to close and which ones are in trouble, languishing for too long without moving forward.

Default Sales Reports include:

  • Open Opportunities
  • Lost Opportunities
  • Opportunities by Stage
  • Opportunities by Type
  • Opportunities Closing This Month
  • Opportunities Stage History
  • Pipeline by Probability
  • Sales by Lead Source
  • Sales person Performance
  • This Month’s Sales
Support Reports

Have a full support team? Or are you alone the support for your business? Either way, your needs are the same: each support issue for a customer needs to be its own record so it can be created, tracked, solved. Separate your customers (contacts) from their issues (support tickets) and you’ll be able to solve those issues with greater efficiency. Immediately use support ticket reports to see how many issues are open and who’s solving them for you. Retrospectively, correlate of support tickets subjects to calculate the true cost of your products.

Default Support Reports include:

  • New Tickets (grouped by any time increment)
  • Solved Tickets
  • Ticket Backlog
  • Tickets by Channel
Custom Reports

Need to dive deep into the data? The CRM is wants you to dig. Custom reports means you can pull up the data from any field in any module. Easily filter down the results so that you can see only the data from the records that match criteria you specify. Tabular reports  give you a straight excel-like table. Summary reports add up to three levels of grouping to your custom reports. Pick a graph for your summary reports to get a colorful, meaningful visualization of your grouped data.

More Default Reports

Your CRM account also has plenty of other useful reports, ready to help you understand your leads, projects, activities, organizations and contacts.

  • Tasks and Events
  • Today’s Calls
  • Leads by Owner
  • Leads by Industry
  • Leads by Source
  • Leads by Status
  • Converted Leads
  • Contact Mailing List
  • Key Organizations
  • Organizations by Industry
  • Open Projects
  • Closed Projects