Feature Comparison

See what’s included in your Benchmark CRM plan of choice

Core Features

CRM FREE $0Upgrade anytime for: Automation & additional permissions CRM PRO $20/MOMonthly per user billed annually $25 month-to-month
Maximum Users 3 Unlimited
Marketing Automation
Establish and activate robust automated CRM workflows ×
Create and assign rules based on triggers and custom criteria automatically ×
Plan and send email notifications to users, contacts and leads based on email templates, triggers and custom criteria automatically ×
Update record data with new data based on triggers and custom criteria automatically ×
Initiate automated tasks immediately ×
Schedule automated tasks ×
Email Marketing Integration
Integration with Benchmark Email ×
Free integrated Benchmark Email Starter Plan for 2k subscribers for each CRM user ×
Push CRM views to create new lists in Benchmark Email ×
View opens and clicks from Benchmark Email campaigns directly on CRM contacts or leads with matching email addresses ×
Multiple currencies ×
Layout for fields on record pages
Multiple sections on record pages ×
Create custom fields × Up to 200/module
Account-wide sharing settings
Field-level security ×
Sharing rules ×
Groups ×
HTML Web Forms
Lead capture form
Contact capture form
Support ticket capture form ×
Notify owner of record capture ×
File Storage
Account included base storage 1 GB 1 GB
Account included free storage per user × 512 MB
Optional additional account storage × $4/month for 5 GB
Record Types
Activities (tasks, events, calls)
Support Tickets
Attach documents directly to records
Merge duplicate records ×
Account Data (record) Storage
Data storage (all modules) 25,000 records Unlimited
Import records maximum (per batch) 1,000 20,000
Data Migration Tool ×
Dedicated Dashboard for each record type
Create and share custom views for record lists based on your specified criteria for default fields
Create and share custom views for record lists based on your specified criteria for custom fields ×
Views are dynamic based on record ownership and account privacy settings
Standard reports
Custom reports ×
Tabular reports
Summary reports with data grouping
Graphs for Summary Reports
Email Features
Create emails, view replies and collaborate with your team all in one place with Benchmark CRM Cloud Email
Keep CRM in sync with private emails to update existing contacts and leads or create new ones with MyBCC
Add Internal Private Messages to records or public email threads visible only to your CRM users
Relate emails to contacts, leads, opportunities, organizations, support tickets, projects or activities
Create multiple email conversations for a single support ticket
Exclude contacts and leads from email contact with email opt-out
Create email templates with merge fields that customize the template for your contact or lead 10 per account 500 per account
Add up to 25 CC contacts, leads and users
Email Attachments
Attach files up to 25 MB to emails
Attach files from CRM Content Library
Send share links for CRM Content Library files
Content Library Document Cloud
Public user folders
Private user folders ×
Folder sharing
Included Benchmark CRM Support
Phone ×